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luni, 2 noiembrie 2015

[OmniFaces utilities (2.0)] Encode given object as JSON

[OmniFaces utilities] The toJson() function encodes the given object as JSON.

See also: Json#encode()

Per example, let's suppose that we need to encode to JSON the below list of players (it is pretty easy to intuit how the Player bean looks like):

public class PlayerBean implements Serializable {

 private List<Player> players = new ArrayList<>();

 public PlayerBean() {

  players.add(new Player(2, "NOVAK DJOKOVIC", (byte) 26, "Belgrade, Serbia", "Monte Carlo, Monaco", (short) 188, (byte) 80, "Boris Becker, Marian Vajda", sdf.parse("22.05.1987")));
  players.add(new Player(1, "RAFAEL NADAL", (byte) 27, "Manacor, Mallorca, Spain", "Manacor, Mallorca, Spain", (short) 185, (byte) 85, "Toni Nadal", sdf.parse("03.06.1986")));
  players.add(new Player(7, "TOMAS BERDYCH", (byte) 28, "Valasske Mezirici, Czech", "Monte Carlo, Monaco", (short) 196, (byte) 91, "Tomas Krupa", sdf.parse("17.09.1985")));
  players.add(new Player(8, "STANISLAS WAWRINKA", (byte) 28, "Lausanne, Switzerland", "St. Barthelemy, Switzerland", (short) 183, (byte) 81, "Magnus Norman", sdf.parse("28.03.1985")));
  players.add(new Player(4, "ANDY MURRAY", (byte) 26, "Dunblane, Scotland", "London, England", (short) 190, (byte) 84, "Ivan Lendl", sdf.parse("15.05.1987")));
  players.add(new Player(5, "JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO", (byte) 25, "Tandil, Argentina", "Tandil, Argentina", (short) 198, (byte) 97, "Franco Davin", sdf.parse("23.09.1988")));
  players.add(new Player(10, "JO-WILFRIED TSONGA", (byte) 28, "Le Mans, France", "Gingins, Switzerland", (short) 188, (byte) 91, "Nicolas Escude & Thierry Ascione", sdf.parse("17.04.1985")));
  players.add(new Player(6, "ROGER FEDERER", (byte) 32, "Basel, Switzerland", "Bottmingen, Switzerland", (short) 185, (byte) 85, "Stefan Edberg, Severin Luthi", sdf.parse("08.08.1981")));
  players.add(new Player(9, "RICHARD GASQUET", (byte) 27, "Beziers, France", "Neuchatel, Switzerland", (short) 185, (byte) 75, "Sergi Bruguera and Sebastien", sdf.parse("18.06.1986")));
  players.add(new Player(3, "DAVID FERRER", (byte) 31, "Javea, Spain", "Valencia, Spain", (short) 175, (byte) 73, "Jose Francisco Altur", sdf.parse("02.04.1982")));

 public List<Player> getPlayers() {
  return players;

 public void setPlayers(List<Player> players) {
  this.players = players;

In page we simply call of:toJson(), as below:



[{"age":26,"birthplace":"Belgrade, Serbia","born":"Thu, 21 May 1987 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Boris Becker, Marian Vajda","height":188,"player":"NOVAK DJOKOVIC","ranking":2,"residence":"Monte Carlo, Monaco","weight":80},{"age":27,"birthplace":"Manacor, Mallorca, Spain","born":"Mon, 02 Jun 1986 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Toni Nadal","height":185,"player":"RAFAEL NADAL","ranking":1,"residence":"Manacor, Mallorca, Spain","weight":85},{"age":28,"birthplace":"Valasske Mezirici, Czech","born":"Mon, 16 Sep 1985 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Tomas Krupa","height":196,"player":"TOMAS BERDYCH","ranking":7,"residence":"Monte Carlo, Monaco","weight":91},{"age":28,"birthplace":"Lausanne, Switzerland","born":"Wed, 27 Mar 1985 22:00:00 GMT","coach":"Magnus Norman","height":183,"player":"STANISLAS WAWRINKA","ranking":8,"residence":"St. Barthelemy, Switzerland","weight":81},{"age":26,"birthplace":"Dunblane, Scotland","born":"Thu, 14 May 1987 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Ivan Lendl","height":190,"player":"ANDY MURRAY","ranking":4,"residence":"London, England","weight":84},{"age":25,"birthplace":"Tandil, Argentina","born":"Thu, 22 Sep 1988 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Franco Davin","height":198,"player":"JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO","ranking":5,"residence":"Tandil, Argentina","weight":97},{"age":28,"birthplace":"Le Mans, France","born":"Tue, 16 Apr 1985 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Nicolas Escude & Thierry Ascione","height":188,"player":"JO-WILFRIED TSONGA","ranking":10,"residence":"Gingins, Switzerland","weight":91},{"age":32,"birthplace":"Basel, Switzerland","born":"Fri, 07 Aug 1981 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Stefan Edberg, Severin Luthi","height":185,"player":"ROGER FEDERER","ranking":6,"residence":"Bottmingen, Switzerland","weight":85},{"age":27,"birthplace":"Beziers, France","born":"Tue, 17 Jun 1986 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Sergi Bruguera and Sebastien","height":185,"player":"RICHARD GASQUET","ranking":9,"residence":"Neuchatel, Switzerland","weight":75},{"age":31,"birthplace":"Javea, Spain","born":"Thu, 01 Apr 1982 21:00:00 GMT","coach":"Jose Francisco Altur","height":175,"player":"DAVID FERRER","ranking":3,"residence":"Valencia, Spain","weight":73}]

If we pass the result through a JSON beautifer we will obtain this:

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