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luni, 5 octombrie 2015

Mastering OmniFaces - First OmniFaces book available!

Mastering OmniFaces gives you the skills to write powerful JavaServer Faces applications using OmniFaces utility library. 
During this book, you will learn how to write robust, reusable and easy to maintain JSF code with high level of readability, efficiency and performance.

With Mastering OmniFaces you'll:

  • learn how to use OmniFaces artifacts in your JSF projects
  • understand how OmniFaces/JSF is implemented and how it works internally
  • exploit the JSF API at high level of development
  • explore and write JSF programming techniques and design patterns
  • develop JSF reusable code
  • identify and fix JSF gaps, pitfalls and bugs
  • increase your arsenal of JSF helpers with more than 300 utilities methods
  • learn how to write a considerable number of JSF custom artifacts types
  • push your JSF skills to the limit and become a cutting edge developer
  • crumble JSF myths and misconceptions by deeply understanding the framework 

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