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joi, 11 februarie 2016

PrimeFaces & OmniFaces Powers Combined Updated

I've just updated the "PrimeFaces & OmniFaces Powers Combined" with the following new sections and chapters:

Chapter 2 (update section)
Use <p:commandButton/Link/> and <o:param/> to pass objects into managed beans

Chapter 3 (new sections)
Fire AJAX requests from plain JavaScript functions
Combining PrimeFaces resources in a single resource
Providing external (CDN) URLs instead of the default local URLs for JSF resources
Defer loading and parsing of JavaScript resources
Reference relative URLs to images in CSS files without #{resource}

Chapter 5 (new sections)
Controlling the rendering of components
Moving components, facets and behaviors at runtime to a target component

Chapter 7 - Including Servlets/JSP output in JSF page (new chapter)
Including a Servlet output in a PrimeFaces component
Decorating the Servlet output

Chapter 8 - Working with forms (new chapter)
Introducing OmniFaces Form component
Preserving query string over postbacks
Preserving view parameters over postbacks
Quick look at useRequestURI attribute
Ignoring validation failures in <o:form/>

I hope you will enjoy it. Looking forward for your feedback (testimonials/suggestions/critics/etc).

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