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marți, 1 septembrie 2015

[OmniFaces utilities (2.0)] Abbreviate the given text on the given size limit with ellipsis

[OmniFaces utilities] The abbreviate() function abbreviate the given text on the given size limit with ellipsis.


Using the of:abbreviate() function is pretty straightforward. Basically, we need to provide a string and size of the substring to be displayed. Below, you can see an example using <c:set>:

 <c:set var="description" value="This is a very long text with a very long description" />       
 <h:outputText value="#{of:abbreviate(description, 24)}"/>

Or, the string can come from a managed bean:

public class MyBean {

 private String longDescription = "This is a very long text with a very long description";

 public String getLongDescription() {
  return longDescription;

<h:outputText value="#{of:abbreviate(myBean.longDescription, 24)}"/>

Both examples will output:

This is a very long text...

For example, this function is useful for creating tooltips. Below you can see it at work via PrimeFaces tooltip component:

<h:outputLink id="descriptionId" value="#">
 <h:outputText value="#{of:abbreviate(myBean.longDescription, 24)}" />
<p:tooltip id="toolTipDescriptionId" for="descriptionId" value="#{myBean.longDescription}" />

When we hover the abbreviated text, we will see the entire text as a tooltip:

The of:abbreviate() can be used in tables to abbreviate long texts in cells, in collapsible divs/panels, in callouts, banners, etc.

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