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vineri, 8 mai 2015

[OmniFaces 2.0 utilities] Serialize/Unserialize and URL-safe

[OmniFaces utilities] The serializeURLSafe() method serialize the given string to the short possible unique URL-safe representation. The current implementation will decode the given string with UTF-8 and then compress it with ZLIB using "best compression" algorithm and then Base64-encode the resulting bytes without the = padding, whereafter the Base64 characters + and / are been replaced by respectively - and _ to make it URL-safe (so that no platform-sensitive URL-encoding needs to be done when used in URLs).
[OmniFaces utilities] The unserializeURLSafe() method unserialize the given serialized URL-safe string. This does the inverse of #serializeURLSafe(String).

Method Utils#serializeURLSafe() - Serialize the given string to the short possible unique URL-safe representation
See also: Utils#stream()

Method Utils#unserializeURLSafe() - Unserialize the given serialized URL-safe string

String serialized = Utils.serializeURLSafe("/ OmniFaces = JSF utility library /");
// / OmniFaces = JSF utility library /
String unserialized = Utils.unserializeURLSafe(serialized);

// eNrLKCkpsNLXz8_Ny0xLTE4t1k1LzCvWS8rJTy8uyC_RK8rXBwDehgy5
String serialized = Utils.serializeURLSafe("");
String unserialized = Utils.unserializeURLSafe(serialized);

// eNrLKCkpKLbS1y8t1s1NN9PLTczM0atMzMjP10vOz9XPS83Xz0kszUvOsNcrSsxLsU3JyCwzSixJNSmySMlSNjM0sjA1Njc0sgQAjaYX0w
String serialized = Utils.serializeURLSafe("");
String unserialized = Utils.unserializeURLSafe(serialized);

String serialized = Utils.serializeURLSafe("10 * 5 / 4 + 1 = 13.5");
// 10 * 5 / 4 + 1 = 13.5
String unserialized = Utils.unserializeURLSafe(serialized);

You can see a real example in OmniFaces source code, CombinedResourceInfo.

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