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luni, 18 ianuarie 2016

Misunderstanding the JSF lifecycle phases with the listen events types

A mistake is to not associate/interpret correctly the JSF lifecycle phases with the listen events types; you have to know which events takes place in which JSF phase. Per example, the below component registers itself as a listener for the PreValidateViewEvent event, and by default to the PostRestoreStateEvent event:

@FacesComponent(value = TomComponent.COMPONENT_TYPE, createTag = true)
public class TomComponent extends UIComponentBase
 implements ComponentSystemEventListener {

 public static final String COMPONENT_FAMILY =
 public static final String COMPONENT_TYPE =  

 public void tomSubscribeToEvent() {
  subscribeToEvent(PreValidateEvent.class, this);

 public void processEvent(ComponentSystemEvent event)
                          throws AbortProcessingException {
  System.out.println("EVENT EMITTED: " + event);

 public void encodeEnd(FacesContext context) throws IOException {
  ResponseWriter responseWriter = context.getResponseWriter();
  responseWriter.write("I'm Tom the cat!");

 public String getFamily() {

Well, at initial request JSF executes only the Restore View (there is nothing to restore now) and RenderResponse phases, which means that the TomComponent doesn't emit any of PreValidateViewEvent and PostRestoreStateEvent events. Actually, at initial request TomComponent subscribes to PostRestoreStateEvent and PreValidateViewEvent - component system event listeners are by default saved in JSF state and thus inherently view scoped. If you didn't know that, then you may think that the application is not working correctly. At postbacks instead, the Restore View (which restore the component tree now) and the Process Validations phase are executed, so both events are emitted and the output will be like this:

EVENT EMITTED: javax.faces.event.PostRestoreStateEvent
EVENT EMITTED: javax.faces.event.PreValidateEvent

Obviously, the PostRestoreStateEvent first!

If you need a request scoped listener you may want to check the OmniFaces, Events#subscribeToRequestComponentEvent(), which subscribes the given callback instance to the given component that get invoked only in the current request when the given component system event type is published on the given component.

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